Fuel Additives For The Utilities Sector


Within the utilities sector, maximising plant availability, reducing maintenance costs, optimising fuel use and contributing to the sustainability of operations is of the utmost importance. 

Many facilities operate and maintain older equipment, alongside modern developments, to further reduce the cost to the company by not buying new machines. Some of these systems could be:

  • Boilers,
  • Furnaces,
  • Steam generators,
  • Heat and power generators,

Among many others. These are all susceptible to changes in fuel quality due to suppliers blending new and existing fuels together within national fuel standards. This mixed fuel may not have the same benefits as high-quality fuels, meaning you could be missing out on:

  • Cleaner fuel tanks,
  • Higher efficiency,
  • Cleaner combustion processes,
  • Longer equipment life.

So, how do you keep your systems running better and for longer? Convert your everyday fuel into high-quality fuels with fuel additives!

But which fuel additives?

Industrial Fuel Additives by FAST Exocet are a range of open flame combustion improvers positively affecting fuel storage and combustion and can be tailored to fuel type and operation.

  • FASTFlame – a patented formulation offering instantaneous fuel economy benefits and reduced carbon emissions.
  • Fuel Store Plus – increases fuel shelf life in the long term of low turnover fuel and inhibits microbiological growth.
  • Anti Bug – an internationally recognised fuel soluble biocide to both kill microbial infestations and prevent their formation.
  • Anti Wax – bridges the gap between the supply of summer and winter grade fuel and increases the fuel handling capabilities in times of extreme cold weather.

What benefits can you get from Exocet’s utility fuel additives?

Here at Exocet we create additives that are specifically designed to enhance fuel systems the way you as a customer need them too. Here are a few of the benefits you can get when using the products within the Industrial Fuel Additives range:

  • Reduced maintenance cost and downtime
  • Burner and combustion chamber keep clean functionality
  • Water separation reduces load on fuel filters and potential damage to pumps and burners
  • Improved combustion efficiency reduces particulate and gaseous emissions
  • Deposit control leads to consistent combustion performance and overall improved fuel economy
  • Fuel stays fresher for longer
  • Reduced likelihood of microbial infection
  • All year round cold flow improvement


Reduce downtime, maintenance costs and increase efficiency within your industrial system today!

For advice or more information on our heating oil additives get in touch with us today on 01743 761415 or email info@fastexocet.co.uk