Exocet – Fuelling Sustainability


Exocet provides assistance in developing robust, sustainable fuel solutions. Exocet help large fuel consumers identify opportunities to improve their sustainability whilst simultaneously reducing operating costs. We will work together with you to understand the detail of the fuels used and how they are purchased, transported and stored throughout the entire operation. We also propose a […]

Injector cleaner or no injector cleaner? That is the question.


In this day and age, many of us have a love or at least a need for cars, trucks, motorbikes, tractors and leisure boats and we will have at least one of these per family. Whether these vehicles be for work or pleasure, it pays us to look after them because: it is the family […]

What is diesel bug, what problems it causes and how to treat it


The commonly named ‘Diesel Bug’ is associated with microbial organisms that create slime in diesel fuel. These microbial organisms can be bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts and can accelerate at a rapid rate in the right conditions. The conditions they enjoy are water (from condensation), fuel (hydrocarbons) and typically our UK milder temperatures. A perfect […]

exocet Fuelling Solutions – Making A Difference In Sustainability


Corporate sustainability is vital to our global future. The importance of this issue is rooted in three matters, these are: Fossil fuel depletion, climate change due to CO2 emissions and the increasing cost of energy and water. Exocet’s fuelling solutions can help you to prevent the speed in which equipment and fuel ‘becomes dirty’, and […]



Dynamometer testing of a vehicle burning fuel containing RUSH101 has shown a 7 bhp increase in measured power output



Problems with diesel particulate filters in the Channel Islands and in the Dublin area – both resulting from low mileage/low temperature running – have been eliminated by regular use of SmartDrive

Petrol Supreme


A customer running an Alfa Montreal from the 1970s in rallies across Europe now routinely uses Petrol Supreme in this and other vehicles.  He has reported that the solids build up in the fuel tank and in the fuel filter has been eliminated and that fuel economy was improved by ~10% over the duration of […]

Kerosene Lubricity Additive

The ‘lubricity’ (inherent lubricating property) of domestic kerosene can vary widely from batch to batch.  If a fuel has a low lubricity, this can cause serious problems to boiler fuel feed pumps leading to premature wear and failure.  At least two pump manufacturer now advocates the use of a suitable lubricity additive and one specifically […]