Dynamometer testing of a vehicle burning fuel containing RUSH101 has shown a 7 bhp increase in measured power output



Problems with diesel particulate filters in the Channel Islands and in the Dublin area – both resulting from low mileage/low temperature running – have been eliminated by regular use of SmartDrive

Petrol Supreme


A customer running an Alfa Montreal from the 1970s in rallies across Europe now routinely uses Petrol Supreme in this and other vehicles.  He has reported that the solids build up in the fuel tank and in the fuel filter has been eliminated and that fuel economy was improved by ~10% over the duration of one long European trip

Kerosene Lubricity Additive

The ‘lubricity’ (inherent lubricating property) of domestic kerosene can vary widely from batch to batch.  If a fuel has a low lubricity, this can cause serious problems to boiler fuel feed pumps leading to premature wear and failure.  At least two pump manufacturer now advocates the use of a suitable lubricity additive and one specifically recommends the exocet product.



A fuel distributor serving remote parts of the UK is using Octimax routinely to create a super unleaded petrol with good results

Crankcase Flush


An independent professional garage and MOT station in Shropshire uses Crankcase Flush prior to every oil change and comments that servicing the engine, notably the cylinder head, has become much cleaner and easier since using the product

A number of semi-professional race teams also use Crankcase Flush as part of their oil change regimes

Anti Wax

During the cold winter of 2010-11 Ant Wax was routinely added to the diesel fuel tanks of emergency vehicles to ensure continual operation, the normal winter diesel specification being unable to cope with the extreme temperatures in some parts of the UK

Anti Wax is routinely added to the fuel tanks of standby power generation to provide all year round winter specification diesel continually, including at a number of power stations feeding the national grid

Anti Bug


A fisherman working out of Lowestoft was having serious trouble keeping fuel flowing to his engine and was adrift at sea for a period of time.  The problem was identified as the ‘diesel bug’ and a single dose of Anti Bug Kill solved his problem

A number of fishing boats working out of Castletownbere in Ireland  were affected by the ‘diesel bug’ and confined to port.  A dose of Anti Bug Kill brought them back to a sea worthy condition

Some marine fuel supplies on the River Mersey were affected by the ‘diesel bug’ over a period of time.  Dosing of all the fuel tanks affected with Anti Bug Kill followed by a routine treatment with Anti Bug Protect has solved the problem

A European navy has specified exocet Anti Bug for routine addition to its marine gas oil

Diesel Power Restorer

A Lincolnshire agricultural machinery dealership was having trouble with a high frequency of failing injectors on tier 3 and tier 4 vehicle engines.  After extensive trialling of Diesel Power Restorer, including dynamometer testing, it was shown that the failure rate dropped markedly and that power and torque output were both rapidly restored to optimum levels

Diesel Supreme

A farmer in mid-Wales, routinely towing a livestock trailer, has seen a marked improvement in vehicle performance, notably torque output, when using Diesel Supreme, resulting in less frequent gear changes when driving uphill

Keen caravanners based in Shropshire have seen the “pulling power” and ability to accelerate increase noticeably when using Diesel Supreme

A national lubricant blender and distributor is seeing fuel economy benefits of ~5% when using Diesel Supreme in an articulated road tanker with the data generated from a prolonged and controlled road trial

An international agricultural feeds distributor has experienced fuel economy benefits of more than 4% when using Diesel supreme in its south of England truck fleet