Why Use Industrial Heating Oil?


Industrial heating oil is a cheaper alternative to Ultra Low Sulphur Gas Oil that is used for heating applications such as; boilers, dryers and heaters. This type of heating oil is stored in tanks and used as and when required, making it much easier to bulk buy to further reduce the cost of fuel.

Our heating oil is compliant with all aspects of the BS2869 British Class D Standard for any heating fuel.

Industrial heating oil is guaranteed to not contain any biodiesel and that it can be used across a variety of applications, such as:

  • Industrial furnaces and boilers,
  • Schools, churches, town halls and swimming pool heating systems,
  • Colleges and universities,
  • Large residential blocks,
  • Waste incinerators.


So, what benefits are there to using Industrial Heating Oil?

  • It has the same transport regulations as regular gas oil, meaning that converting to using this oil is easy.
  • Has approximately half the Sulphur level of 1000 pm gas oil, making a vast reduction is emissions.
  • Lower pour point – this means that you won’t come across any engine problems in the colder months.
  • Our heating oil will perform all year round unlike gas oil.


Exocet’s industrial fuel additives keep your commercial and industrial boilers working smoothly to make sure they are efficiently performing within your workplace. Most boilers lose efficiency between annual services, so it is important to ensure you are using an additive to allow your boiler to work to its full potential for longer.  Use our additives to improve fuel efficiency, improve combustion and prevent boiler problems.

This fuel additive will:

  • Inhibit Fuel Degradation (oxidation) in storage,
  • Limit the fuel – degenerative action of certain metals,
  • Reduce emissions and carbon build-up on exchanger surfaces,
  • Reduce fuel-tank sludge,
  • Protect ferrous-based tanks from corrosion,
  • Allows burner and exchanger cleanliness to be maintained,
  • Improve combustion efficiency,
  • Improve overall operational and maintenance performance.

Find out how our expert team can help you make the switch today, with the choice from our wide range of fuel additives and services.

If you would like more information about Exocet Heating Oil or any of our products, speak to the Exocet specialist technical team on 01743 761415 or email info@fastexocet.co.uk