exocet® is one of the most trusted brands in the UK fuel industry.

For over a decade exocet®, as well as being a product and technical resource to the UK’s fuel supply sector, has helped businesses in the construction, agricultural, industrial and mining sectors to operate with increased efficiency. exocet® products can improve the performance of operational assets whilst reducing downtime, running costs and harmful emissions.  exocet® kerosene additives are now the go to products for the majority of domestic applications in the UK and Ireland.

exocet® has its own range of premium fuel solutions but we also formulate, manufacture and distribute fuel additive solutions for hundreds of wholesale and retail businesses across the UK and Ireland.

Fuel Consulting

Our founder and Chairman, Dr. Bob Hall, calls us the last of the dinosaurs and whilst in one respect this is slightly derogatory, in many others it is true: the changing face of the fuel supply chain globally and the complete lack of emphasis being placed on fuel by the oil majors means that the education, training and experience available within the company allows us to investigate, advise, comment and adjudicate on a wide variety of fuel-related issues, whether these be of a technical or commercial nature.

Technical Audits

Technical audits are often part of the sales process, especially at large industrial or FMCG operations as we work with clients to understand their operations and how fuel use impacts on them.  We will also carry out audits of combustion plant and equipment on a consultancy basis.

Bespoke Fuel Solutions

exocet® fuel additives are all formulated and blended from our single site facility with the precise application and field issues in mind.  We  neither research nor utilise untried or ‘new’ chemistry but simply utilise best in class chemistry with known and proven functionality from reputable sources.  We blend these components in a unique and highly cost-effective manner in order to optimise performance for the end user.

Important Note. All exocet® products are designed for a prescribed application and as such are fit for that purpose.  The components we use have gone through extensive testing to demonstrate ‘no harms’ performance and claims substantiation.  THERE IS NO REASON WHY AN EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER SHOULD OBJECT TO THEIR USE OR THREATEN TO VOID A WARRANTY.  We are happy to have this conversation with any manufacturer directly or on behalf of our customers should such a concern arise.

We are always willing to talk with existing and potential customers, including fuel additive resellers and bottlers, with a view to providing formulation and sourcing expertise so that their own goals can be met for particular uses and applications.

White Label & Supply Service

We are pleased to supply a white label service for the majority of our products and we can supply in any pack size from 50ml to 1,000 litres, although we can talk about alternative, specific pack sizes on request.  Playing to our strengths of flexibility and of being a niche, low volume supplier of concentrated, fit for purpose products, we have no minimum order quantity.