Diesel Supreme


Exocet Diesel Supreme fulfils two functions:
i) to act as an additive package for unadditised, terminal-sourced DERV (basic EN590 diesel)
ii) to upgrade retail diesel to premium grade fuel

Cleansing benefits Economic benefits Maintenance benefits Performance benefits

Diesel Supreme


Product Number: XO2021A


  • Diesel Supreme maintains injector and fuel system cleanliness Smoother power delivery and acceleration boost – increases the fuel’s cetane number
  • This fuel additive reduces emissions by improving combustion efficiency
  • Reduces tank filling time and lower fuelling spillage with Diesel Supreme
  • Use Diesel Supreme for enhanced engine life-expectancy and corrosion protection
  • Diesel Supreme fuel additive provides improved water resistance
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  • Use where consistent and optimal power delivery is required
  • Diesel Supreme is good for use when emissions reduction are required
  • Use when fuel economy needs to be optimised
  • 200ml
    • Fuel treated in litres: 100
Exocet Diesel Supreme can be added either to bulk storage or directly into the vehicle tank. It should be used where consistent and optimal power delivery is required; fuel economy needs to be optimised; diesel knock and engine noise minimised; and emissions reduction is sought.