Keep Your Fuel Running This Winter With Anti Wax


Winter is still in full swing and January seems to be never-ending, so it is important to think about how the next few months of cold could affect your engine’s fuel. At about 0◦c diesel fuel may begin to create wax crystals. These crystals can form to such an extent that they prevent movement in the fuel.

As the temperature decreases, paraffin wax in fuel thickens and turns into a cloudy mixture. This mixture can then clog the engine filters and solidifies to the point where fuel will no-longer flow. Thus rendering the engine useless. The exact temperature at which the fuel waxes completely varies from batch to batch, due to different levels of paraffin being used.

When storing your engines during the winter months, they should be sheltered and out of the way of the elements. This will reduce the likelihood of fuel waxing. To further enhance the effectiveness of storing your engines somewhere sheltered, choose somewhere that can be temperature controlled. By using a temperature-controlled facility, you can monitor the air temperature, ensuring that the fuel never experiences the fuel freezing temperature that may be outside.


How can Exocet help?

To prevent your fuel from freezing, gelling, or ‘waxing out’ use Exocet’s Anti-Wax fuel additive. This additive works to prevent fuel from reaching an unusable condition when the temperatures get cold outside, this means you can have an efficiently working engine for the rest of winter.

We recommend that you use this fuel additive when it is forecasted to reach -5◦c or lower and it works with all levels of FAME contents within fuels, so even when the maximum FAME content is present in your fuel our Anti-Wax additive will work to prevent fuel freezing.


How does Anti Wax help?

  • Boosts the fuel’s resistance to waxing.
  • Allows engines to operate at a colder temperature that the fuel specification.
  • Prevents the formation of wax crystals.
  • Works with max allowable FAME contents.


Keep your engines efficient even at the coldest time of year with Exocet’s Anti Wax!

If you would like more information about Exocet Anti Wax or any of our products, speak to the Exocet specialist technical team on 01743 761415 or email