Anti-Wax Additive


Exocet Anti-Wax is formulated to improve the cold flow and handling properties of diesel and gas oil.

Performance benefits

  • Boosts the fuel’s resistance to waxing
  • Allows operation at colder temperatures than fuel specification
  • Inhibits the formation of wax crystals
  • Reduces the potential for filter plugging
  • Works with maximum allowable FAME contents
  • As a prevention to fuel freezing and ‘waxing out’
  • Forecast is for temperatures of <-5oC
Exocet Anti-Wax is typically added at the rate of 1 litre of additive to 1,000 litres of fuel. The additive must be used as preventative measure and will not work if the fuel is already waxed. Fuel-specific tests need to be carried out if a minimum operability temperature is required.
Anti-Wax Additive


Product Number: XO1236D