How To Improve The Burn Quality Of Domestic Kerosene


How does an AGA work?

If you have an AGA or are planning on getting one, you will know that this style of cooker is a heat storage stove and cooker that works on the principle that a heavy cast iron frame absorbs heat from a relatively low-intensity, yet continuously burning source. This built-up heat can then be used for cooking and in some cases, heating water tanks for hot water and the thermostat.


What fuel should you use?

The low-intensity fuel source usually used in AGAs is Kerosene, however, whilst this fuel is more environmentally friendly than coal and wood, is non-corrosive and has a long shelf life, it does have some disadvantages.

Kerosene’s long life can depend on the kind of container in which it is stored, however, as with every fuel, as it ages molecules accumulate in the mix that leads to a higher char value leaving your AGA sooty.

Exocet have an additive to help prevent this.


Exocet Cooker

Our Exocet Cooker fuel additive is designed to improve the burn quality of domestic kerosene when used in range-style cookers and boilers. Its key features are:

  • Lower char value,
  • Reduces the buildup of carbon deposits and soot,
  • Inhibits the growth of deposits in fuel storage,
  • Minimises potential of corrosion,
  • Increases shelf life,
  • Decreased service problems.

Exocets cooker additive is particularly good for use when burners continually ‘coke’ up, there is a carbon build-up around the burner that is commonplace and/or fuel pipe block, resulting in variable heat output, preventing efficient energy generation and fuel injection.

Make sure your cooker continues to work by preventing pipe blocking and excess soot build-ups, with Exocet’s Cooker fuel additive.


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