Why Use Mower and Motor Mate?


Now Summer is here, it’s the perfect opportunity to make sure that your petrol and petrol fuelled systems are ready to go, especially if they haven’t been used over a long period of time.

Mower and Motor Mate are specially formulated to improve the performance of petrol, as well as protect petrol and the petrol fuel systems used. Our Petrol Fuel additive will ensure your fuel is clean and good to use.

Are petrol fuel additives worth it?

You may be unsure as to whether a petrol fuel additive is worth it to you? We’re going to tell you why it definitely is. Whether your system is used all the time, or just every so often, MowerMate & Motor Mate can help to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Exocet’s MowerMate & MotorMate should be used when you need better throttle control/driveability, when you need the fuel to be compatible with bio components such as ethanol or when you want optimum engine cleanliness.

Our Motor & Mower Mate petrol fuel additives are specifically designed to protect and enhance petrol and petrol fuel systems.

What do petrol fuel additives do?

  • Delays Fuel Ageing
  • Cleans up the fuel & keeps fuel injectors and carburettors clean
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Contains an octane booster and therefore reduces pinking potential
  • Protects against ethanol-based corrosion
  • Delays decolouration

There are even more features of these products that could mean that it is just  the product for you. For further information, visit our MowerMate & MotorMate product pages.


How does it work?

These fuel additives are intended to be used in a small storage tank or directly for use in the fuel tank of the machinery or vehicle. Without a fuel additive, fuel will age and this process is irreversible. Make sure you use Exocet and the shelf life will increase! Without an additive, the shelf life of this fuel is 6 to 8 months.

If you would like further information regarding Mower Mate, Motor Mate or any of our additional fuel additives, please contact exocet on 01743 761415 to speak to an expert, or fill in our enquiry form here: https://fastexocet.co.uk/contact/