Want To Meet Your Haulage Goals? Why Not Use Fuel Additives?


Whether you operate an on-road or rail transport haulage vehicle that uses a spark ignition (petrol) or compression ignition (diesel), you will probably have these three goals:

  • To maximise vehicle availability,
  • To reduce fuel consumption/cost,
  • To make the fleet more sustainable.

These goals are important to maximise the resources within the transport company to their greatest potential, however, there are three main factors that can have an impact on this:

  • Vehicle design – different depending on the manufacturer and the vehicle’s intended purpose.
  • Vehicle set-up – different depending on the manufacturer and the vehicle’s intended purpose.
  • Driving habits – everyone has different driving styles, and this means that depending on when someone does something as simple as changing the gear up or down can affect the fuel consumption.

Whilst there is not an awful lot that can be done about these factors, fuel additives can help to achieve these goals and help to alleviate or lessen the potential implications of the factors outlined above. The main cause for using fuel additives is that most modern vehicles don’t perform efficiently for long and often need help to prevent the erosion of components. Together with good care and the addition of fuel additives you can take care of your vehicle’s engine, whilst improving its life span, fuel efficiency and keep it on the road for longer.

Buying fuel from recognised forecourt brands usually means that the fuel used contains the bare minimum of useful additives. Also, any fleet operator with their own bulk storage tank is very likely only receiving base fuel from a refinery, terminal or fuel supplier, which does not really meet the requirements of a modern engine. Therefore, by using Exocet’s fuel additives can enhance the vehicle engines, whilst helping operators to meet all their company goals.

The main benefits of using diesel and petrol fuel additives are;

  • Clean up and keep clean functionality – in petrol and diesel aids power delivery and fuel economy,
  • Octane and cetane boost – to meet the needs of modern and/or high-performance engines and satisfy manufacturers’ expectations,
  • Inhibits water pick up and resultant bug growth and/or corrosion issues in fuels with bio-components,
  • Reduces emissions and satisfies MOT test requirements,
  • Allows older vehicles to run on modern fuels – enabling fleet vehicles to be used for much longer than before.

Every vehicle uses one of two types of fuels, so why not check out Exocet’s Diesel Supreme and Petrol Supreme additives?

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