Exocet SmartDrive is a formulated diesel fuel additive incorporating fuel borne catalyst (FBC) technology to
promote the regeneration of diesel particulate filters (DPF).

Performance benefits

  • Cost-effective DPF cleaning
  • Online functionality – no excessive downtime or dis-assembly
  • Can be used by the end-user or by professional garages
  • Additionally provides combustion enhancement and injector cleaning – prevents under or over-fuelling
  • Compatible with all diesel fuel systems
  • Fuel borne catalyst promoting the regeneration of diesel particulate filters (DPF)
  • Also provides combustion enhancement and injector cleaning
Stop-start, city-type driving and general low mileage vehicle use inhibit the continual regeneration of a DPF, now a fundamental part of the emissions control system on a diesel-engined vehicle. This causes the filter to become fouled with soot (partially burned fuel) and leads to much reduced engine performance and higher fuel consumption. Added directly into the vehicle fuel tank, Exocet SmartDrive can be used in three ways: i) As a continuous use additive for those vehicles always driving an urban cycle; ii) Periodically (e.g. every 2,000 miles) as a maintenance tool or in response to the engine management or DPF failure warning light(s) showing; iii) Added to the dedicated DPF additive reservoir fitted to certain vehicles. 200ml of additive treats 50 litres of fuel