Exocet Sludgebuster is a formulated chemical additive for use as a tank, pipework and vessel cleaner where
fuel, oil or other hydrocarbon contamination and solids build-up is a problem.

Cleansing benefits Maintenance benefits

  • Contains concentrated hydrocarbon detergent
  • Promotes oil-water separation
  • Inhibits oil-water emulsion formation
  • Broad-spectrum solvent washing capability
  •  Solids build-up in tank bottoms
It is recommended that Exocet Sludgebuster is added to the bulk fuel or other carrier fluid and where possible circulated through the tank to be cleaned for a number of hours. In this way it is ideally suited to be utilised with fuel polishing and/or fuel filtration equipment. It can also be used with professional pressure washing equipment. Recommended dose rate: 1 litre treats 1,000 litres of fuel