Petrol Supreme


Exocet Petrol Supreme is used to upgrade BS EN 228 unleaded petrol into a premium quality fuel equivalent to
the highest forecourt standard available.

Economic benefits Performance benefits

Petrol Supreme


Product Number: XO2032A


  • Cleans up and keeps clean fuel injectors
  • Improves driveability and throttle response
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Contains an octane booster to reduce ‘pinking’ potential
  • Controls combustion chamber deposit build-up
  • Reduces unwanted emissions
  • Protects against ethanol-based corrosion
  • Better throttle control/driveability is required
  • Require compatibility with bio-components
  • Desire optimum engine cleanliness
  • 250ml
    • Fuel treated in litres: 100
Many petrol users now want to take advantage of low-priced ‘supermarket’ fuel but may be unsure as to its provenance or quality. Furthermore, a number of people are concerned about the increased use of ethanol as a bio-component of petrol. Use of Exocet Petrol Supreme ensures that any concerns over fuel quality are eliminated and that even branded fuel is top-treated to achieve much enhanced performance.