Exocet OctiMax is a specialist fuel additive designed to boost the octane rating of unleaded petrol in order
to satisfy the demands of high compression ratio, high performance engines.

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Performance benefits

  • Boosts 95 RON regular petrol to 97
  • Boosts 97 RON super petrol to 99
  • Improves acceleration and smoothes power delivery
Octane is a measure of petrol’s resistance to ‘knocking’ which is sometimes referred to as ‘pinking’. Knocking is due to the fuel/air mixture igniting under compression in another area to that started by the spark plug. The knock sound we hear is shock waves travelling around between the piston crown and cylinder head as the 2 burning mixture zones collide. Knock can occur due to a variety of factors such as high compression pistons, combustion chamber/piston crown deposits in older engines or ignition timing that is too advanced. Increasing octane often reduces “knock”. The problem is very common in engines with a high compression ratio often specifying the old ‘5*’ fuel.


Product Number: XO1988P