Mower Mate


Exocet MowerMate has been specially formulated to enhance and protect petrol and petrol fuel systems where fuel is stored for long periods of time and/or the associated equipment is used only infrequently and when ethanol-containing fuel may be an issue. The product acts to upgrade the critical characteristics of the fuel and to delay the symptoms of fuel ageing.
Additionally, it has anti-corrosion and biocidal properties.

Economic benefits Performance benefits

  • Cleans up and keeps clean fuel injectors and carburettors
  • Improves ‘control-ability’ and throttle response
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Contains an octane booster to reduce ‘pinking’ potential
  • Controls combustion chamber deposit build-up
  • Reduces unwanted emissions
  • Protects against ethanol-based corrosion
  • Contains a high dose of antioxidant (anti-ageing) component
  • Delays discolouration, gum/solids formation
  • Maintains the fuel’s ignition quality
  • Reduces the potential for microbial growth during downtime
  • Has corrosion inhibition properties
  • Reduces the potential for filter plugging
  • Better throttle control/driveability is required
  • Require compatibility with bio-components (ethanol)
  • Desire optimum engine cleanliness
Exocet MowerMate is intended for use in small storage tanks or directly in the vehicle/machinery fuel tank. 100ml of additive treats 5 litres of fuel. The use of Exocet MowerMate ensures that any concerns over fuel quality are eliminated and that even branded fuel is top-treated to achieve much enhanced performance. Stored fuel often discolours, forms gums and other deposits and results in a deterioration in the ignition quality. Fuel ageing is irreversible and is accelerated by the addition of bio-components (e.g. ethanol) to the extent that latest specification fuels may only have a shelf life of 6-8 months