Gas Oil Conditioner


Exocet Gas Oil Conditioner provides an all-in-one treatment for gas oil. It will improve day to day running of diesel engines and will stabilise fuel during storage.

Gas Oil Conditioner will raise cetane number to avoid rough running in newer engines, it will lubricate fuel pumps and lower deposit formation in injectors. Gas Oil Conditioner also contains stability additives and a biocide at a ‘protect’ level to keep fuel fresh when it is stored for long periods. Fuel will keep fresh for up to 2 years even when it contains up 7% biodiesel.

The additive will counter any negative effects resulting from the introduction of the latest gas oil specifications, notably the reduction in sulphur content and the increase in the allowable FAME (biodiesel) content and will give improved fuel economy.

Typical applications are agricultural and horticultural machinery, construction equipment, standby generators, airport vehicles and fork lift trucks.

The product is formulated from recognised fuel additive components and should not void an engine manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, very many engine manufacturers recognise the need for upgrade additives when red/green diesel is used.

Cleansing benefits Economic benefits Maintenance benefits Performance benefits

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Product Number: XO1258GO
  • Increase in cetane number
  • Increase fuel shelf life and inhibit fuel tank sludge formation
  • Prevent microbiological growth
  • Promote a clean fuel system and inhibit injector fouling
  • Promote fuel-water separation to prevent water carryover to the engine
  • 100ml
    • Fuel treated in litres: 200
    • Cost per treat (PPL - Pence per litre): 4.950
  • 200ml
    • Fuel treated in litres: 400
    • Cost per treat (PPL - Pence per litre): 2.81
  • 500ml
    • Fuel treated in litres: 1000
    • Cost per treat (PPL - Pence per litre): 2.39