Fuel Reviver


Exocet Fuel Reviver is a formulated fuel additive designed to return the oxidation stability of out-of-spec distillate fuels to within acceptable limits. Whilst it cannot reverse any colour changes that may have taken place, it does render the fuel entirely usable.

Maintenance benefits

  • Fuel Reviver allows off-spec fuel to be purchased and ‘re-worked’ to bring it to saleable form
  • Allows aged fuel to be brought back to standard by the end-user
  • Prevents unnecessary down-grading of fuel
  • This fuel additive ensures that fuel meets engine manufacturers requirements in terms of stability
  • Can be used in all fuels but is particularly suited to diesels, gas oils and kerosene
  • Fuel Reviver returns aged fuel to oxidation stability standard
  • It can prevent unnecessary downgrading of fuel
  • Ensures fuel meets engine manufacturers’ requirements
Fuel stored for long periods of time, either within the supply chain or at the end-user location, ages and degrades. This usually results in a colour change (darkening), gum (solid) formation and a measurable decrease in the fuels ‘stability’, which is a fundamental parameter of both the EN590 diesel and BS2869 A2 gas oil specifications. Exocet Fuel Reviver dosed at the correct rate reverses the measurable instability and brings fuel back ‘on-spec’.
Fuel Reviver

On Application

Product Number: XO1950JF

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