Exocet Demulsifier fuel additive is used either to prevent fuel-water emulsions from forming or as a fuel dehazer to eliminate water haze already dispersed within the fuel.

Maintenance benefits Performance benefits

  • Our demulsifier fuel additive inhibits water carry-over with the fuel
  • Can help to render fuel ‘clear and bright’
  • This fuel additive separates water from fuel
  • It helps to create a defined fuel-water interface
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  • Use exocet demulsifier fuel additive to prevent fuel-water emulsions from forming
  • It can also help to to assist in the separation of water from fuel – fuel dehazing
Exocet Demulsifier is added directly into bulk fuel storage and should be agitated as much as possible to maximise contact between the fuel and the additive.

On Application

Product Number: XO1966XB

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