Anti-Bug Protect


Fuel soluble biocide and preservative.

Cleansing benefits Maintenance benefits

  • Broad spectrum additive covering a variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts
  • Has an immediate effect and does not add to sludge or slime build-up
  • Clean-up rates are 24-36 hours
  • Eliminates plugging of filters and gauges
  • Protects against tank and pipe corrosion
  • Does not adversely affect fuel combustion or emissions quality
  • Fully compatible with steels, aluminium and zinc and with polyethylene and polypropylene
  • Has no adverse affect on waste water systems or municipal sewage treatment
  • Approved as a fuel additive by: Mercedes Benz, DAF, MAN, NATO, Deutz, Shell, the Swiss Army and others
  •  Worried about the ‘diesel bug’
  • Fuel contains increasing quantities of bio-content
  • ‘Protect’ dose prevents bug growth
The first sign of microbiological contamination (the ‘diesel bug’) is often continuous blocking of filters with a slimy substance, which can range in colour from black to light brown. Anti-Bug Kill and Exocet Anti-Bug Protect can be dosed into fuel via either batch treatment or as part of a continuous additive injection regime. Exocet Anti-Bug Kill is used to tackle current and immediate microbiological infestation. Exocet Anti-Bug Protect is used to inhibit microbiological activity in clean tanks. Both additives can be used in bulk fuel storage or added directly into a vehicle or machine fuel tank.
Anti-Bug Protect


Product Number: XO1948XB