Diesel driven power generation used as temporary mobile supply; as rapid response standby in the event of grid outage; or as supplemental peak loading capacity is a large, growing and critical area of fuel use. The very nature of the applications means that equipment operation needs to be reliable and immediate often having to reach maximum output in ~30 seconds. Fuel supply, quality and maintenance is, therefore, of paramount importance and yet is frequently and crucially overlooked.

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Various fuel types and grades have been explored, including to a large extent biofuels in their various guises. Some are very clean and efficient but in short supply, others have been a disaster. In the main, however, it is likely that any readily available gas oil at a competitive price will be supplied. But is this good enough?

Operators and owners need to bear in mind that this fuel may stand unused and unattended for months on end, all the time oxidising and degrading generally. The rate of this degradation will depend on ambient temperature, exposure to direct sunlight, relative humidity and, critically, the proportion of biofuel (FAME) it contains. FAME-containing fuel degrade approximately four times quicker than 100% petroleum fuels dependent on the proportion present.

Good practice is, of course, to run the equipment at least weekly and to exchange unused fuel at least every couple of years. Alternative fuel and equipment maintenance regime can be introduced.

exocet® power generation fuel additives can be used to enhance the combustion characteristics of a range of fuel types – including biofuels – as well as to control microbiological growth and maintain the combustion performance of fuels in long term storage.


Whatever the type of installation being operated and whichever fuel is being used, the goals are essentially the same:

• stable storage conditions over a long period of time without microbiological growth
• ease of cold weather handling
• trouble-free engine starting
• a complete and clean combustion process
• lowest possible fuel consumption
• minimised exhaust emissions

Exocet® Solutions
exocet® will work with fuel suppliers and equipment owners and operators to ascertain the best fuel additive treatment programme for the applications. This will inevitably involve discussions in respect of fuel storage stability, fuel ageing and ease of combustion.

Diesel Power Restorer is an online fuel system cleaner working within a single tank of fuel

Gas Oil Supreme gives red diesel the cetane number required by modern engines, enhances fuel lubricity and keeps water out of the fuel delivery system – probably the single most significant cause of injector damage. Additionally contains a keep clean dose of deposit control to optimise fuel flow and prevent carbon and other deposits from accumulating

Fuel Store Plus increases the fuel shelf life in long term or low turnover fuel and inhibits microbiological growth.

Anti Bug is an internationally recognised fuel soluble biocide to both kill microbial infestations and prevent their formation

Anti Wax bridges the gap between the supply of summer and winter grade fuel and increases the fuel handling capabilities in times of extreme cold weather

Gas Oil Conditioner is a multifunctional product providing the features of many of the above products in a single dose

PowerBoost an ignition quality and rapid fuel system cleaner for diesel engines

Power Generation Fuel Additive Benefits

• Fuel stays fresher for longer
• Reduced likelihood of microbial infection
• Improved ignition quality
• Reduced maintenance cost and downtime
o In-field injector cleaner rapidly restores power and torque to factory settings
o Increased fuel lubricity reduces wear rates in pumps and injectors
o Water separation reduces load on fuel filters and potential damage to injectors
• Improved combustion efficiency gives smoother power delivery, reduces particulate emissions and minimises the load on exhaust after treatment systems
• Deposit control leads to consistent engine performance and overall improved fuel economy
• All year round cold flow improvement

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