Interest in our marine capabilities continues to grow in the UK and overseas. Changes to fuel quality across the whole range of marine fuel whether it be for a canal boat or a deep sea container ship continue to have an impact. And the type of fuel specified varies greatly in terms of standards and specifications and on continental Europe, for example, may contain significant quantities of biofuel component. As governments move to control the coastal water environments – air and water – then marine engine manufacturers are coming under similar constraints to their colleagues producing engines for land-based applications in terms of fuel efficiency and both visible and gaseous emissions quality, notably NOx.

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Most leisure marine craft either used on inland waterways or in coastal waters will be burning a type of diesel (gas oil) or petrol. The fuel requirements of these engines is little different to those used in on- or off-road vehicles. It is a fact, however, that the fuel may be stored for longer periods of time and in a water-based environment, together and independently bringing their own problems. In spite of what you may heard to the contrary it is never a good idea to mix water and fuel.

Coastal working boats tend to use one of the grades of distillate marine fuel or variations thereof supplied by local fuel distributors. Deepwater vessels will be using residual grades of marine fuel which have their own handling and combustion characteristics.

Whatever type of vessel is being operated and whichever fuel is being used, the goals are essentially the same:

• stable storage conditions without microbiological growth
• ease of cold weather handling
• a complete and clean combustion process
• lowest possible fuel consumption
• minimised exhaust emissions

exocet® Solutions

exocet® offers tailored marine fuel additive products for all marine fuel applications and is more than willing to provide bespoke additives for specific fuels and applications.

Marine Fuel Conditioner is a multi-functional additive intended for inland and coastal marine diesel applications

Deep Sea Marine Fuel Conditioner has all the attributes of Marine Fuel Conditioner with the addition of some extra components to improve the combustion performance and reduce the emissions of heavier fuel.

Fuel Store Plus increases the fuel shelf life in long term of low turnover fuel and inhibits microbiological growth

Anti Bug is an internationally recognised fuel soluble biocide to both kill microbial infestations and prevent their formation

Anti Wax bridges the gap between the supply of summer and winter grade fuel and increases the fuel handling capabilities in times of extreme cold weather

Motor Mate helps to preserve petrol in equipment used only infrequently or stored for periods of time. Will also inhibit ethanol-derived corrosion

Petrol Supreme provides a premium forecourt petrol grade to keep the engine clean, improve combustion efficiency and decrease fuel consumption

Marine Fuel Additive Benefits

• Reduced maintenance cost and downtime
• Injectors, combustion chambers and wider fuel system kept clean
• Water separation reduces load on fuel filters and potential damage to pumps and burners
• Improved combustion efficiency reduces particulate and gaseous emissions
• Deposit control leads to consistent combustion performance and overall improved fuel economy
• Fuel stays fresher for longer
• Reduced likelihood of microbial infection

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