The UK and Ireland are almost unique in the world in using kerosene as a heating fuel, especially in domestic applications. Historically, this was a very clean fuel, readily available from the UK’s refineries and manufactured to a high specification relative to the standard. This made it an ideal fuel not only for home heating boilers but also for the extremely fuel-sensitive vaporising burners favoured in Esse and AGA range cookers, for example. Changes to the kerosene standard, notably the reduction in the fuel sulphur content, and changes to refinery economics have subsequently led to the rapid rise in the volume of imported kerosene which, directly or indirectly, have resulted in a number of inherent operating problems.

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This situation often goes misunderstood by end users of kerosene who, not unreasonably, expect to receive a fit for purpose fuel from their supplier. The length and duration of the current kerosene supply chain, however, means that fuel quality cannot be taken for granted as it used to be.

Local fuel distributors and suppliers may not always know the exact source of the fuel they deliver to an end-user’s tank. Fuel may not come from a local or even UK refinery and even if it does the chances are that it will be co-mingled with imported fuel of unknown provenance: it will meet the fuel standard but may have been in transit for many weeks as it was traded between brokers before being brought ashore. This potentially results in an increased water content and an aged fuel that has oxidised to a great extent giving microscopic products of oxidation that form a solid build-up on tank bottoms, giving rise in time to fouled fuel filters and the tendency for coke build up in vaporising burners or premature fouling in pressure jet boilers.

Exocet® Solutions
exocet® domestic fuel additives used with fuel for both boilers and range cookers improve the storage stability of domestic kerosene leading to a ‘cleaner’ combustion, a reduction in deposit build up and reduced emissions.

exocet® Cooker is a dedicated fuel additive for fuel destined for AGAs and other ranges using vaporising burners and significantly slows down the rate of fuel ageing

Premium Heating Oil (PHO) fuel additive is available in fragranced or unfragranced versions and protects fuel in storage ensures a cleaner combustion process thus providing greater fuel economy.

FASTFlame® is a patented enhanced PHO product offering instantaneous fuel economy benefits and reduced carbon emissions

Domestic Fuel Additive Benefits
• Reduce carbon build up and sooting
• Prevents solids build up tank bottoms
• Prolongs the storage shelf life of fuel
• Minimises fuel tank corrosion (steel tanks)
• Reduces carbon emissions

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