What is ‘Diesel Bug’ & How can I tackle it?


If you are experiencing frequent breakdowns in your vehicle or boat, then you are probably experiencing a problem that is often referred to as ‘Diesel Bug’. ‘Diesel Bug’ is a term used for microbial bacteria, fungi, and algae within the fuel tank contaminating the fuel. It does this by creating a layer of silt in […]

Do you know enough about heating oil fuel additives?


We often don’t give much thought about our heating oil, except for remembering to order it before it runs out! If this is the case, it is unlikely that you’ve considered using heating oil additives. Heating oil additives are designed to keep your fuel fresh, keep your boiler working efficiently between services and protect your […]

Exocet – fuelling commercial & industrial boilers

Why choose Exocet? Exocet’s industrial fuel additives keep your commercial and industrial boilers working smoothly to make sure there is efficient performance in your workplace. Most boilers lose efficiency between annual services so it is important to ensure you are using an additive to allow your boiler to work better for longer.  Use our additives […]

Why Use Exocet Cooker and Heating Oil Additives?


exocet Cooker is a specialist fuel additive designed to improve the burn quality of domestic kerosene when used in range-style cookers and boilers and/or where vaporising burners are being utilised. Domestic kerosene is a combustible hydrocarbon liquid that is derived from petroleum and converted to energy to power domestic heating systems. As imports of domestic […]

The benefits of using exocet’s Anti-Wax fuel additive


Exocet’s Anti-Wax is a fuel additive for diesel and gas oil that has been formulated to improve your fuel’s performance during cold weather. Diesel and gas oil contain long chain hydrocarbon molecules that can crystallise during cold weather causing blocked filters and fuel lines. Used as a preventative measure only, anti-wax inhibits the formation of […]

What is diesel bug, what problems it causes and how to treat it


The commonly named ‘Diesel Bug’ is associated with microbial organisms that create slime in diesel fuel. These microbial organisms can be bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts and can accelerate at a rapid rate in the right conditions. The conditions they enjoy are water (from condensation), fuel (hydrocarbons) and typically our UK milder temperatures. A perfect […]

Exocet® Eco-Spill Fuel Additives


Eco-Spill fuel additives are environmentally friendly products requested by fuel distributors, fuel forecourts, automotive garages, car dealerships and FMCG to clean up spills, consumer’s premises or own yards/flooring for shows or housekeeping. Description: Exocet Eco-Spill products are water and cotton based and contain naturally occurring microbial cultures. When in contact with oil-based hydrocarbons they harmlessly […]

Are fuel additives for cars really worth it?


There are a lot of reasons to consider using fuel additives for your car. Most modern engines do not operate at an optimum level for very long and fuel usually contains only the bare minimum amount of useful fuel additives. Together, this may cause a decline in engine performance as well as a decline in […]