Keep Warm This Winter By Preparing Your Heating Oil


We are coming to the end of Autumn, with the weather changing for colder temperatures throughout the day it is most definitely time to be checking your household heating oil levels to ensure you stay warm over the winter period.

In the United Kingdom, about 1.6 million households use Kerosene (heating oil) that are not connected to the gas network*, making Kerosene the most common heating fuel for these non-gas heated households.

Kerosene is a light coloured, thin and clear fuel that has a density of about 0.8g/cm3 that can be stored safely for years, due to its non-corrosive nature. Its many benefits include:

  • A clean burn, meaning that the risk of Carbon Monoxide emissions is low,
  • Due to its lack of fumes, it is much more environmentally friendly,
  • There is a wide choice of suppliers, enabling the user to find the best price possible,
  • It has an estimated efficiency level of 90%, whereas gas has 77% and electricity has 31%, meaning more heat is produced with this fuel type.

However, there are a few issues with using this kind of heating oil:

  • The paraffin in heating oil can freeze and clog your line, potentially preventing you from heating your home,
  • Old, dirty and poorly maintained tanks can lead to oil-degrading,
  • Bacteria growth can lead to sludge build-ups that will corrode the tank.

There are ways to avoid these issues, from keeping a maintenance routine to adding a highly effective fuel additive, such as Exocet’s Premium Heating Oil.

Exocet’s Premium Heating Oil is an additive pack designed for domestic kerosene that can be used to create premium-grade fuel for use within your household heating system. As well as there being the ability to add fragrance, for use in environments sensitive to fuel odours or where sensory evidence of the premium fuel needs to be demonstrated, there are also so many other benefits to using this additive by Exocet:

  • Decreased carbon emissions,
  • Stabilises the fuel – increasing its shelf life,
  • Stops sludge from forming and building up,
  • Reduces deposit build-ups,
  • Reduces service problems,
  • Increases system efficiency.

This multi-component product guards against fuel degradation, the corrosion of metal storage tanks and associated pipework, the adverse effects of fuel interaction with copper-containing fittings and pipework and serves to inhibit the build of deposits in storage tanks.

Prepare yourself and your fuel for winter by ensuring you have an adequate Kerosene fuel level at all times and by making sure your fuel is at its finest with Exocet’s Premium Heating Oil additive.

Stay warm this winter.


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