Is the quality of your fuel ruining your AGA?


There is a certain charm about having an AGA in your home. You use it to cook your meals, warm your house and it even adds a distinctive hint of character to your kitchen. As an AGA is so important to your home, it is important to make sure it is working properly and it gets the TLC it deserves.

Thanks to recent changes in sulphur levels in domestic kerosene, oil-fired range cookers such as AGAs are said to be caking up with soot, and in some cases stop working completely. It’s been a particular problem in the cold weather, when many people rely on these iconic ranges to heat their homes. However, don’t loose the character in your kitchen, use exocet’s cooker additive to get your AGA working properly again.

Because of the new EU requirement for lower sulphur levels, the oil is being subjected to a treatment which increases char value which refers to the level of sooting that occurs once the oil has been vaporised and burned. Despite this, the oil still meets British standards.

What should you do if your AGA is experiencing problems?

If your AGA is caking up with soot, don’t despair – exocet’s cooker additive was formulated with AGAs in mind! Our additive improves the burn quality of domestic kerosene to prevent fuel pipe blockages and maintain a clean burner for longer.

Why not order a sample to see the results for yourself? Alternatively, get in touch with our technical team to discuss meeting your needs and requirements.