Do you know enough about heating oil fuel additives?


We often don’t give much thought about our heating oil, except for remembering to order it before it runs out! If this is the case, it is unlikely that you’ve considered using heating oil additives.

Heating oil additives are designed to keep your fuel fresh, keep your boiler working efficiently between services and protect your appliance. Our premium heating oil additive is designed to increase efficiency, reduce build-up of carbon and also prevent the build of sludge in your heating oil tank. Using these additives is a great way to make your heating oil and your home heating system last longer.

Our home heating oil additives help protect your boiler, and as repairing your boiler can be expensive, it makes sense to look after it by adding a heating oil additive.

We explore the benefits of heating oil fuel additives below:

Reduce sludge build-up

Over time sludge can build up inside your oil storage tank which can result in the clogging up of filters and pipes between your oil tank and boiler. When this happens, it limits the efficiency of your boiler, and if it clogs completely, the repair bill can be a costly and you will have the inconvenience of being left without heating and hot water for a time.

Improve boiler efficiency

When your boiler is working properly, your fuel is being used efficiently.  Heating oil additives help to keep your appliance working efficiently in between services by breaking down deposits that can lead to coke building around the nozzle.  If the nozzle has a layer of coke around it, it changes the spray pattern of the oil entering the fire box and the combustion process becomes less efficient resulting in the formation of soot.  The soot then covers the heat exchanger and more oil is required to generate more heat to pass through the soot layer.  Using heating oil additive prevents this wastefulness in between servicing.

Avoid boiler operating problems

Our heating oil additive can also benefit your oil by helping to stabilise the fuel thanks to the presence of antioxidants. These work by reducing the rate at which the fuel degrades if it’s in your tank for a long time. Keeping it in good condition will ensure it combusts correctly.

Keeping your boiler working is priority number one in the cold months, so adding fuel additives which contain corrosion inhibitors to your heating oil tank can really aid in the smooth running of your boiler by preventing premature corrosion of essential parts.

Lubricity Additives are available separately, they prevent premature wear on the moving parts in the oil pump.

For more information please contact Fuel Additive Science Technologies to discuss meeting your needs and requirements.