Diesel Power Restorer


Cleaning fuel injection systems within a diesel engine is vital to ensuring that it runs at an optimum driving performance efficiency, with the added bonus of reduced emissions.


Over time, deposits build up within the highly important diesel fuel injection systems making them imprecise and leads to a reduction in the engine’s power. The deposits themselves can be thin layers of hard resin or metal salts that get stuck to parts of the engine, which results in a restricted fuel flow reducing the power available to the engine and its efficiency.

Symptoms caused by unclean fuel injectors:

  • Noticeable reduction in engine power,
  • Engine misfires when idle,
  • Power surges.


To correct issues caused by deposit build-ups, Exocet recommends using Diesel Power Restorer.


What is Diesel Power Restorer?

Diesel Power Restorer is a specially formulated fuel additive designed to break down and disperse hard lacquers and internal diesel injector deposits to bring fuel flow and engine power back to optimum levels quickly.


When to Use Diesel Power Restorer?

Ideally use the power restorer when the symptoms outlined above are displayed by your engine and if the engine management light is illuminated. It can be used at any time, but is particularly effective in engines that have not run for a period of time and in cold conditions.

This fuel additive is formulated to regulate power surges within the engine to improve and restore efficiency to all manner of vehicles from every day to agricultural vehicles.


Why Use Exocet’s Diesel Power Restorer?

Exocet’s Diesel Power Restorer can resolve problems with minimal downtime and get instant results from a single dose, potentially improving fuel economy within the engine.

Prevent power failures, misfires and surges with in your engine and keep it running smoothly with this fast acting fuel additive from Exocet.


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